The Best Workouts to do From Home

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore shares the best at-home workouts

One of the things I miss the most during this time of staying home is not being able to get to my favorite fitness studios. Luckily there are tons of great online streaming options available, and many of them are offering special promotions right now! It’s so important to keep active while we’re all cooped up inside, so now is a great time to try one (or all!!) of these. I’ll definitely be downloading the Peloton app when I’m feeling better.


  1. Barry’s Bootcamp UK is streaming free IG Live classes each day at 8:20am and 9:30am – all with bodyweight exercises.
  2. Pure Barre is offering a free 60 day trial of their on demand classes with code “extendedtrial”.
  3. Get a free 90 day subscription to the Peloton app – they offer way more than just spin classes!
  4. Have a dance party with a free 14 day subscription to The Sculpt Society.
  5. Kayla Itsines and BBG will always be some of my favorite at-home workouts – I bought the program years ago and still use it!
  6. Try 14 days of the celebrity favorite Tracy Anderson method for free.
  7. 0bé Fitness offers a free 7 day trial for new users.
  8. Get your flow on with a 14 day free yoga trial at Alo Moves.
  9. Aaptiv is one of my favorite apps to use to when I run outside if I’m looking to do a coached HIIT run and not just a light jog, but they also offer a wide range of classes from yoga to weight lifting! New users get a 7 day free trial.
  10. Tone It Up is a cult favorite, and they currently offer a 7 day free trial which gives you full access to their app and all of their workouts!

Let me know if you try any of these programs – would love to hear your thoughts!

xx Mollie


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