Wedding Q+A With Sarah Tripp

Today I am so excited to share a little wedding Q+A with you, featuring one my favorite bloggers (and Instagram friends!), Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick.

Lifestyle blogger shares a wedding Q+A with popular fashion blogger Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick

Image via Sassy Red Lipstick

Sarah Tripp has been one of my favorite blogger babes for awhile now, but I think it’s safe to say that many people know Sarah and Robbie from Robbie’s viral Instagram post last summer. They are champions for body positivity in the blogging community, with recent features in Shape, Women’s Health, and Forbes. With over 4 years of marriage under her belt, I knew that Sarah would be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wedding planning, and life as newlyweds!

Mollie: What was the moment you knew that Robbie was “The One”?

Sarah: I knew pretty quickly, to be honest. We both did. Right off the bat he was the most honest and straight-forward of any guy I’d ever talked to. Anyone who knows Robbie knows he’s the type to say what he’s thinking and not play games. That was so refreshing to never have to question, he told me exactly how he was feeling and how he felt about me. He wrote poems for me daily when we first started talking and he just always made me feel wanted, desirable, special. Our relationship progressed quickly because we had that honest communication and we knew that we had found something special in one another.

M: How did he propose?

S: It was the most special evening and we still reminisce about it. When he proposed to me, it was a winter night and the snow was falling. The snow was so big and flakey, falling so silently, like we were in our own little snow globe. It’s a beautiful story and I talked about it all on How He Asked, with photos included. You can read our proposal story here.

M: What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process?

S: Making my dream wedding become a reality! Every girl dreams about their wedding since she’s young. I had a Pinterest board since high school with all my wedding ideas and inspo. I worked with a talented wedding planner and she was great in helping me bring everything to life. It can be stressful planning a wedding no doubt, but just take deep breaths and realize that it’s all going to come together if you take it one task at a time.

M: How would you describe the style of your wedding?

S: Everything was gold glitter and blush pink and it was just so…me haha. One of my bridesmaids leaned over to me upon arriving at the reception and said: “This is so cute; it looks like Kate Spade threw up all over this place.” Haha. I wanted a feminine and classy look but with a fun flair.

M: What’s the one thing you would advise an engaged couple to splurge on for their wedding?

S: Robbie and I always say that the best decision we made for our reception was hiring a live band to play! It brought such an incredible energy and there is nothing better than getting down on the dancefloor with all the people who you love the most. Some of our favorite wedding day photos are us being silly on the dancefloor with our best friends. If you have the ability in your budget, skip the typical wedding DJ and hire a live band to rock the night away. It adds an entirely different atmosphere and you won’t regret it.

M: What was the best part of your wedding day?

S: Just being with all our loved ones as we committed to each other forever. There’s just so much love in the air. Take a moment to forget all the frills and budgets and food and décor, and remember that this day is a celebration that you found your soulmate. That’s what truly matters most.

M: Do you have any advice for engaged couples currently planning their wedding?

S: Just remember, a wedding should be an extension of your style and personality. Don’t settle for what “most people do” or what is common, make sure that it’s a day to celebrate you and your relationship with your love. Let your personalities shine. For example, my wedding colors were gold and pink but Robbie’s favorite color is blue and he wanted to stand out in a royal blue suit. I wanted him to have that so we had a handsome blue suit made with a pink paisley lining and accents, and were able to tie it in seamlessly to the rest of the wedding. Remember: it’s not your parents’ wedding, it’s not your friends’ wedding, it’s your special day. And you only get one. So even if you’re worried about stepping on toes or hurting feelings, this is the one time you need to stand firm and get exactly what you want.

M: Where did you go on your honeymoon?

S: We went on a cruise to the Caribbean and we can’t recommend it enough! Robbie and I still talk about it to this day because it was so relaxing, romantic, and fun. A cruise is the perfect trip for honeymooners in my opinion. You’re on a big boat in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do other than lay by the pool, enjoy all you can eat buffets, go back to the room for lots of intimate time, enjoy a few hours of fun activities, and do it all over again. There’s no pressure, no stress, you just get to enjoy hanging out every minute with your new husband/wife.

M: Any tips on how to adjust to life as newlyweds?

S: Communicate! It’s a learning process to live with one another and start a new life that includes another person. There will be lots of adjusting and change but it should be fun and exciting! I’ve heard so many people say “the first year of marriage is hard”, but Robbie and I were always confused by that. That first year of being married is the best! There’s nothing better than doing real, adult life together with the person you love most. My best words of advice is to love the other person more than you love yourself. If you put there comfort and happiness above yours, and that is reciprocated back to you, then you’ll be very happy.

You can read more about Sarah Tripp‘s wedding on her blog, Sassy Red Lipstick.

xx Mollie

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