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Popular London Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore announces her new site, Mollie Moore Blog!

Well, the secret is out!! Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably already caught on to the fact that some big changes were happening on the blog, but I’m so excited to finally be able to spill all the deets! You probably have a lot of questions, and I’m hoping todays post will clear everything up for you. Without further ado, welcome to Mollie Moore!

Popular London Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore announces her new site, Mollie Moore Blog!Popular London Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore announces her new site, Mollie Moore Blog!Popular London Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore announces her new site, Mollie Moore Blog!Popular London Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore announces her new site, Mollie Moore Blog!

Who is Mollie Moore?

That’s me! While Moore is actually my middle name, my family has been calling me Mollie Moore my whole life. Moore is my grandmother’s maiden name, and everyone says I look just her (which is a huge compliment because my grandma is beautiful!!). That’s how I ended up with a last name as a middle name – my mom told me that as soon as she saw me, she knew I was a Moore.

What made you decide to change your blog name to Mollie Moore? Why now?

I know I’ll be getting this question a lot, so here’s the simple answer: why not now? When I was a little girl, I used to dream of being a fashion designer. I wanted to have my own clothing line, and I would call it ‘Mollie Moore’. I had sketch pads FILLED with designs and logo mock ups. While those dreams didn’t exactly pan out, I did end up creating my own brand with this blog. What started as something small has turned into my dream career, and one that I hope will last for a long time.  Having the blog name Mollie Moore allows my site to grow with me – I’m at an age where a lot will be changing in my life over the next few years (i.e. marriage, kids, buying my first home, etc), and I want my blog to be able to evolve with me.

But I loved the name A Stylish Side Project! I did too, and I still love that name! I will always be grateful for the opportunities that A Stylish Side Project brought me. Creating beautiful and engaging content is something that I’ve found a true passion in, and if it weren’t forA Stylish Side Project I may have never figured that out. With that said, I’m ready to start this next chapter in my blogging career. Having the name as Mollie Moore makes it feel like something that is truly mine. And no, A Stylish Side Project is not up for grabs! I will be paying for that domain name for as long as I blog lol 😉

Why didn’t you just use the name Mollie Moore when you started?

To be honest, I was embarrassed. I didn’t want my name associated with my blog at all when I first started out – I was afraid of failure and what people would think about it if they found out. Only my very close friends and family knew that I even had a blog for the longest time!

Will your content be changing with Mollie Moore?

Yes and no. While I will still be posting tons of the fashion content you guys have become familiar with, I’m working on expanding my horizons. I’ve started to amp up my travel content (which you can expect to see LOTS more of), and I’ve also been planning more lifestyle and blogging related posts that you will see here in the very near future. If you have any post ideas or suggestions, please send them my way! I’m aiming for 5 posts a week going forward, so I would love to know what you guys would like to read about here.

What updates did you make to your new site?

Truth be told, I LOVED my old site. I really didn’t want to change it at all! I looked at a few other types of designs and layout options, but always fell back on what I had – I find it to be very clean and user friendly. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! For Mollie Moore, I decided to add a brand new “featured posts” section at the very top, beneath my new logo (the section highlighted in grey). This will make it so much easier to browse all of the different categories I have to offer. I have a new logo (which does younger me proud – it looks super similar to something I had drawn out in my sketch books!), and I updated the color scheme to a gorgeous new shade of pink. I think these changes were just the facelift my site needed, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out (if you’re looking for a designer, I can’t recommend Lindsay enough!).

Wow, that was a lot… is anyone still with me?! If you are, thank you so much for reading and for your continued support. I hope you’re as excited about this new chapter as I am! Cheers to Friday, a long weekend, and the official launch of Mollie Moore!! Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday weekend!

‘Moore’ Dress (how perfect is that?!?) | Gucci Bag (similar here) | Tie Sandals | Round Sunnies

xx Mollie

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Congrats beautiful!!! I love the new site, especially the logo. And it sounds like you made the right decision for the future of your blog! Plus Mollie Moore sounds a like a movie star, you have the perfect name for a brand =) Wishing you much success in this new endeavor!

    Mollie | Mollie Moore

    Aw that’s so sweet Hannah – it really is the right decision for me! Thank you for following along on my journey!

    xx Mollie


Love the blog name and it sounds so fabulous! My middle name is my grandmothers maiden name too and it is so special! Also that dress you are wearing is perfect, love alice and olivia and the fact that it is the moore dress makes it even more perfect!
xo elle // https://splashofpreppy.com

    Mollie | Mollie Moore

    No way, I love that you have your grandmothers maiden name too! It really is SO special 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your support Elle! Happy Friday!

    xx Mollie


Congrats on the changes! I love the new name! Your dress is so beautiful too!


Congrats on the rebrand! Looking forward to seeing the blog evolve!


Gentry Adams

Congrats on the new name/site!! I’m sure it has been such a labor of love and I can’t wait to keep following along!

    Mollie | Mollie Moore

    Girl, you don’t even know! Labor of love is such a great way to describe to the process, but it was totally worth it. Thank you so much for all of your support Gentry!

    xx Mollie

Anna English

That dress is stunning! And congrats on the new name 🙂

Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

That’s so exciting! You have the perfect name for a site. It has such a great ring to it!


Congratulations! Love seeing your blog grow and evolve over time! So great!

    Mollie | Mollie Moore

    Thanks for stopping by Kate, I’m glad you’re excited to see the blog evolve – I am too!!

    xx Mollie

Kelssey Layton

Congrats on the change! I have long considered doing the same thing! ANd LOVE this dress too girlfriend! xo

    Mollie | Mollie Moore

    It was a labor of love, but for me it was worth it! Let me know if you have more detailed questions about changing blog names, I would be happy to help!

    xx Mollie


Congratulations on the new name! All your hard work has paid off!



You are right about your grandmother – she is beautiful and so are you! And so is your new look! Congrats! ❤️ Mollie Moore’s Mom


Congrats girlfriend! I love to know that even if you’ve had your blog/brand for awhile, it’s still possible to make changes! I go back and forth about wanting to change the name of my blog! xo Kelsey | http://www.chasingcinderellablog.com


I absolutely love this rebrand! Such a good direction & cant wait to see how you transition it!


Congrats on the rebrand and can’t wait to read more travel posts!

xo, Kristina

Laura Leigh

Congrats gal! So exciting!! The name looks beautiful – love the change!

xo Laura Leigh


The rebrand looks amazing!

Petra Brisby

Hello, thank you for sharing this post. I am about to change the name and wanted to ask you if you experienced some “set backs”? Please let me know
thank you
petra xxx

    Mollie | Mollie Moore

    Hi Petra,

    Congrats on the decision to change your blog name – I know it’s not an easy one! I didn’t experience too many set-backs, the whole process was pretty seamless. I would say the scariest part was changing my Instagram handle, and I did lose about 200 followers after doing so. Let me know if you have any more specific questions, and good luck!

    xx Mollie

Mary Parsons

Wow! I’m very impressed with all you’ve accomplished. We had lunch with Ann and Courtney today and they were filling me on your move to London and your upcoming wedding. You’ve really stepped up to an exciting future and I’m very happy for you. Will look forward to hearing about the wedding. Best wishes…Mary