Travel Guide: 24 Hours in Paris

Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. Although my time there last month was short, it will go down as one of the best weekends of my life. I’ve received so many requests to do a Paris travel guide, especially for if you only have a short amount of time in the city of love. Without further ado, here is my guide to 24 hours in Paris!

Day 1

9am: Head to Marché des Enfants Rouges. It’s the oldest market in Paris, and filled with beautiful flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, cheese, and of course croissants and coffee. Grab a pastry for breakfast and pick up some gorgeous blooms on your way out!

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

10am: From the market, walk to Rue Saint-Honoré (about a half hour walk – we stopped a lot to take in the scenery and snap pics, so it could probably be quicker!). This street is lined with all the shopping you could ever need, and not as touristy as the famed Champs-Élyseés. From Zara to Chanel and everything in between, you can get your shopping fix in on Rue Saint-Honoré.

12pm: Once you’ve shopped til you drop, head to Hôtel Costes for lunch and a drink (also located on Rue Saint-Honoré). This hotel is somewhat of a hidden gem, and it’s frequented by locals – I love finding local hotspots whenever I travel. The food was awesome and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. I’ve heard it turns into a popular bar at night, but we didn’t have time to check it out this trip.

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

1pm: After lunch, take a cab or an Uber to the Eiffel Tower. It had been over 15 years since I was last in Paris, so I had to make a trip to see the Eiffel Tower again. My favorite angles for taking photos were from right underneath the tower (pictured below) and from the Trocadero (pictured here). If it’s a nice day, you can buy a beer and sit on a bench to relax and enjoy the view. I loved taking a minute to relax and soak it all in.

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

2pm: From the Eiffel Tower, take a cab or an Uber to the Louvre. I would say that this museum is a must if you’ve never been to Paris before. Check out the Mona Lisa, as well as all the other amazing pieces of art that the Louvre houses. The building itself is a work of art!

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

4pm: After the Louvre, walk over to the Latin Quarter (about a 20 minute walk). Enjoy a happy hour drink and cheese plate while sitting outside at one of the many restaurants lining the cobblestone streets. This area was one of me and Connor’s favorite parts of the city. The atmosphere was so electric, everyone was laughing and having a wonderful time. After drinks we stopped at the cutest crêperie for a sweet treat. I got a simple butter and sugar crêpe because it reminded me of my trip there with my mom when I was 9. Connor got Nutella – yum!!

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

6pm: From happy hour walk over to the Notre Dame Cathedral (about a 10 minute walk). We got there right at sunset and it was absolutely stunning!

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

8pm: Dinnertime! We stayed in Le Marais, and were conveniently located a short walk from the famed restaurant Derrière. After Notre Dame we headed back to our Airbnb to freshen up and then headed to the restaurant. It’s owned by the same chef who opened Sketch in London, and I highly recommend it! Be sure to make a reservation as it’s quite a popular spot and hard to get into without one.

Day 2

8am: If you’re a blogger, or just love taking beautiful photos, I highly recommend checking out Rue Crémieux. It’s been named the most colorful street in Paris, and it definitely lives up to it’s reputation. The streets are lined with houses of every hue, and cobblestone streets add to the charm. It does tend to get busy, so I would get there early. We went at 8am before our train back to London, and there was no one else there. See the outfit we shot there here.

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares her Travel Guide to 24 Hours in Paris

9am: Have one last croissant and cafè au lait before you leave town. Talk about an amazing 24 hours!

I hope you find this travel guide helpful! Of course there is SO much more to do in Paris than this, but I think that for only having 24 hours we covered a lot of ground. Hopefully one day soon I stay in Paris for a little longer, and can write a more comprehensive guide 😉

xx Mollie

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Thanks for writing this travel guide! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my husband and I are planning a Europe trip, with only a few days in each city. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this guide! That colorful street is amazing. Happy Easter =)

Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

It looks like you had such a great time! We only had 5 days and it still wasn’t long enough!


This is such an adorable post! You did an amazing job doing so much in such a little amount of time. I can’t wait to go back!

Makayla M.

How cute are you!! Looks like an amazing time. Love all your photos!

Xo Makayla


i am so jealous! how fun!

Anna English

Such a magical place, I hope to visit one day!


This is gorgeous! I’ve never been!!

Anna Cobbs

Sounds amazing!! I’m dying to visit!

Living in Color

Ahh so jealous! I’ve never been!


All of the sights look so stunning! Paris is beautiful!



You look so cute and thanks for sharing about this hotel!


I really loved this post and I will keep your suggestions in mind when I’ll get there next time 🙂


paris is one of my favorite cities in the world! I was there last summer and so regret not taking more pictures. Your pics look great!