Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore shares what she purchased from the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Hi friends, Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week – I apologize for my lack of posts the past few days. It wasn’t a planned break, but I ended up deciding to relax and enjoy my Cape Cod vacation work free! I’m still on the Cape through tomorrow, but I wanted to hop on today to share the pieces that I purchased yesterday from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I know there’s a TON of hype around this sale, so I thought I would share my personal experience and opinion on it.

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore shares things she is loving lately

Moore Please! 7.7.17

Happy Friday! Today I’m debuting a brand new series on my blog called ‘Moore Please!’. In an effort to get more personal with you guys, I thought it would be fun to do a post on Friday’s about anything, really! And yes, I do know this idea is nothing revolutionary 😉 I’ve been inspired by Kathleen’s Friday Five posts, Jenn’s Friday Charades posts, and countless other fabulous bloggers who write similar weekend posts. After a few months of going back and forth on the idea, I’ve finally decided to do a fun Friday series of my own. I figured the launch of my new, more personal brand was the perfect timing to introduce this new series. I hope you enjoy it, it’s meant to be fun!

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5 Must Have Apps for Bloggers

It’s no secret that us bloggers are basically glued to our phones, but what is it that we’re always working on? It might not be what you think – at least for me! I probably spend only about 25% of my phone time on social media. The rest of the time is spent in email and in various apps. Today I’m sharing my top 5 most used apps on my phone and why I love them.

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