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Moore Please! 7.21.17

Moore Please! is a weekly Friday series where I can just chat about what’s been on my mind lately! From what I’ve been eyeing & buying, to personal updates, to weekend plans – you can read all about it here.

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Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore shares 12 things to while visiting Nantucket

12 Must Do Activities on Nantucket

I’ve been to Nantucket enough times in my life that I feel pretty comfortable writing about what to do and where to eat on the island. If you’re visiting for the first time, it can be definitely be overwhelming! There is SO much to see on such a small island (fun fact: Nantucket is only 5 miles wide at it’s largest width!), that it can be hard to narrow it down. I’ve rounded up what are, in my opinion, the top 12 things you should do during your trip. Be sure to bookmark this post if you are planning a trip to ACK this summer, its packed with some great info!

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Sheperdson shares tips on styling an LBD (Little Blue Dress) all year long

LBD: The Little Blue Dress

By now, I think we are all well aware of the importance of having a killer little black dress in our wardrobe. But today I want to bring your attention to a different kind of LBD – the little BLUE dress.