The Best 10 Gift Ideas for Parents Who Have Everything

Today’s gift guide is all about gift ideas for parents. Parents can be SO tricky to shop for – it seems like they have everything! In this gift guide are 10 unique gift ideas for parents who have everything.


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Raise your hand if you’ve been guilty of getting your parents slippers for Christmas… It’s okay, we’ve all been there. This year I’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping for the ‘rents with my top 10 gift ideas for parents. From technology, to cooking, to entertaining – there’s something for every parent on this list!

Plane Tickets

If you live away from home, I think that one of the best gift ideas for parents who have everything is plane tickets to come visit you. Nothing would make them happier than being given the gift of time with their kids! Plus, who doesn’t love a parent visit (free meals for the weekend!!)? Plane tickets are going to be different prices for everyone depending on how far away you live from home, but if this is within your budget, you would definitely hit a home run with this gift.

Home Technology

There are so many great home technology pieces on the market right now. From the Nest thermostat, to the Ring doorbell, to the Roomba – there’s bound to be something that your parents don’t have yet. Connor’s dad has the Ring doorbell and absolutely loves it! These are all items that your parents might not think about purchasing for themselves, but would love to receive them as a gift.

Dinner Certificate

Another great gift idea for parents is to give them the gift of a date night. Get them a dinner certificate to their favorite restaurant, or maybe that really nice place in town that they never splurge on. I love this gift idea because it’s something they can do and enjoy together!

I hope you found these gift ideas for parents who have everything helpful!

xx Mollie

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  1. December 17, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    These are such great gift ideas! Number 5 is calling my name!


  2. Liz
    December 17, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    These are such great ideas! I love the idea of plane tickets 🙂 Even for myself haha!

  3. Stephanie
    December 17, 2018 / 7:52 pm

    Oooh the diffuser and the ring are such awesome ideas! I’ll have to consider these for my parents now!

    December 18, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    So many great gift ideas! Parents can be so hard to buy for!

  5. December 18, 2018 / 3:44 pm

    Thanks for sharing!! Great tips when you’re stuck trying to get the perfect gift for someone who has everything!!

    xoxo Sarah

  6. December 18, 2018 / 4:40 pm

    Plane tickets are such a great idea! You also can’t go wrong with a robot vacuum!


  7. Caitlin
    December 18, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    Fantastic post – the electronics are such good ideas

  8. December 18, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    All of these are such neat ideas that most parents wouldn’t buy for themselves! great job.


  9. December 21, 2018 / 5:08 am

    These are great ideas! I never know what to get my parents!

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