Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore shares her current favorite make-up products

Current Makeup Favorites

You guys know that I rarely talk about beauty on here. I’m just not that passionate about makeup (and I go most days without even wearing it!). There are so many awesome and knowledgeable beauty bloggers out there, so I like to let them be the experts on the subject. However, earlier this year I adopted a new makeup routine, and I love it so much I had to share with you!

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore explains the new Instagram changes

The Instagram Update & What You Need to Know

Unless you don’t follow a lot of bloggers, you’ve probably seen the news all over social media last night: due to the recent issues with Facebook and privacy, they have released a new and stricter API for Instagram that is effective immediately. Why should you care? Because this means that you can no longer shop your favorite bloggers Insta pics simply by liking the photo.

Lifestyle blogger Mollie Moore shares her favorite spring hats

Spring Trend I’m Loving: Hats

With spring right around the corner (hopefully), I wanted to share one of my favorite trends for the upcoming season: hats. I know I’m a little late to the game on this trend, but now that I’ve finally experimented with a few different styles, I love wearing cute hats!